Saturday, 16 January 2010

Lost Illusions

Currently i am reading one of my FAVOURITE writers of the French Literature: HONORE DE BALZAC- Lost Illusions.

Above, i will highlight some important thoughts and mottos which i really believe remain still in the present's like nothing changed from the previous centuries up till now; only the clothes changed whereas human behaviour remains the same!!

"Society disdain you: disdain society. Take refuge in a garret, write masterpieces, acquire some sort of prestige and you will have society at your feet"

"Genius is patience. Patience is indeed the quality in man which most resembles the process which Nature follows in her creations. And what is Art, Monsieur? It is Nature in concentrated form"

"The more mediocre a man is, the sooner he arrives at success; he can swallow insults, put up with anything, flatter the mean and petty passions of the literary sultans.....

By keeping on the right side of everybody, that fellow will edge in between rival ambitions while they are scuffing"

....and to close my today's writing:

"Conscience, my dear, is a kind of stick that everyone picks up to thrash his neighbour with, but one he never uses against himself"

Enjoy the rest of the book :)

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